Cost Savings

How can Money Tree Billing, LLC save you money?  Here are the facts…

FACT: Each hour you spend on your billing process is an hour that isn’t being spent on other profit generating initiatives such as marketing your office (to attract new patients) and patient education (to ensure patient retention).  If you can hand off billing and insurance red tape to a reliable expert, you free up valuable time that can be used to generate more income and ultimately more profits.  Let’s face it; your time is better spent in other areas of your business.

FACT: While your employees are your most important asset, they can also be your most expensive.  Staff who are focused on profit generating tasks pay for themselves by attracting new patients and providing exceptional service to your current ones.  Hiring an employee to handle billing adds to your overhead in the form of wages, payroll taxes, and benefits (including vacation time and holiday pay). This doesn’t include recruiting and hiring costs or the time and wages associated with training your billing CA. Heaven forbid your billing CA resigns (turnover of billing staff is traditionally high), you are forced to reinvest recruiting, hiring and training dollars and repeat the scenario again.

With Money Tree Billing, we get paid based on your account receivables; there are no hourly wages, bonuses, vacation pay or other employee costs.

FACT: Working with insurance companies can be like running through an obstacle course.  From time to time you get lucky, but mostly you’re forced to pick yourself up from the many stumbles, trips and falls, only to be presented with a new set of rules just as the finish line comes into sight.  This game calls for trained professionals!

Learn why with Money Tree Billing, LLC, you have nothing to lose.

Find out if Money Tree Billing, LLC is the right decision for your office by completing our online Billing Cost Analysis, or call us directly at 763-331-0358 to schedule a complimentary consultation. As an extension of your team, we would be honored to put our experience to work for you.

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