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On July 10, 2017, in Community, by MoneyTree

Money Tree Billing is reaching out into the community and sponsoring an off-road motorcycle racing team!

Many organizations sponsor softball, soccer, or baseball teams, but not Money Tree.  Harriet, our company President, is part of a family that has been around off-road racing for generations and therefore when we decided to help out our community, our first thought went to our heart…off-road racing!

Let me introduce you to team Money Tree:

Austin Holasek- Age: 8

Gavin Loberg- Age: 10

Cohen Rausch- Age 8

Sam Holasek- Age: 17

Will Holasek- Age 38

Shane Loberg- Age 39

Craig Holasek- Age: 46

Mark Holasek- Age: 47

Jerry Holasek- Age 59

We’re excited to share this with all of you and will keep you updated.  Check back to see our individual rider profiles, in addition to their standings after each race.

Go Team Money Tree!

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