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On May 2, 2017, in Eclipse Software, by MoneyTree

Training Videos

We are often asked how to do certain things in Eclipse: how to run this report, or that statistic.  We are also commonly asked about the Electronic Health Record (EHR) feature in Eclipse called Encounter.  Though we are happy to help our clients with all of the above, it got us thinking…

Do you know that Eclipse has training videos and help options available that show you how you can better utilize the software and take advantage of its features?  If you click on the “Help” tab at the top of your Eclipse screen, it will list several options for help. However I’d like to specifically point you to the “Training Videos” option.

Client LoginSelecting this option will bring you to Galactek’s client login page where you login using your primary office phone number and your Eclipse registration number (also found under the “Help” tab, then under “About”).

Under your client login, Eclipse has several help categories, including: How-to articles, commonly used form templates, and video tutorials, including a video on how to use the Encounter feature, and how to customize your Encounter.

The Encounter has changed a lot since it was first designed, making Eclipse, in our opinion, one of the best software programs available in terms of options, overall functionality and price-point (not to mention the only software we use at Money Tree Billing).  In most cases, we find offices are not utilizing their software to its full potential.  The Eclipse “help” section is one way to learn more.

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