We’ve been fielding some questions about how to handle Personal Injury (PI) and Motor Vehicle (auto) Accounts in Eclipse once the primary carrier denies coverage and we thought maybe our other clients would like to know how to go about it too.

  • Initially, you will open a new CASE in Eclipse and add the accident insurance information.

New Case 1

  • All charges/services will be entered into this case UNTIL the patient has reached MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement).  The doctor is who determines MMI.
  • If at anytime the patient is cut-off/denied due to an IME or maxed benefits, you still keep entering charges/services into this accident case until MMI is reached.
  • If the patient has an attorney you should enter that contact information into the notes section.
  • In addition, once the patient has reached MAXED Benefits or was cut-off due to an IME, Money Tree will ask you if there is private health insurance the patient wants us to bill OR sometimes the patient will beat us to that and ask you to bill private insurance.
  • If you agree to bill private insurance, it will be entered in the Accident/Auto Case (not a new case) as the secondary carrier. We will still bill to the accident insurance first then once we get the denial we will send that off to the secondary private insurance to be paid.


 **Remember you DO NOT enter services/charges into a regular insurance case for this patient UNTIL the doctor says they have reached MMI.

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