PQRS: Four Points of Clarification

On March 25, 2013, in Medicare, by MoneyTree

The Physician Quality Report System (PQRS) required start date of January 1, 2013 has come and gone and we are finding that not only have many offices not started PQRS, but most are still confused on some key points.

If an effort to answer some of the questions we are being asked, and to clarify some of the confusion, this article is dedicated to revisiting some of our past information of this topic – as well as try to offer you some tools to help simplify the process for you.

In speaking with our clients about PQRS, we’re finding the most confusion centered around 4 main points and for those we offer these clarifications…

First Clarification: You are not required to participate in PQRS.  However, should you choose not to participate you will be penalized financially starting in 2015 based on your current 2013 statistics.  So you do need to evaluate and decide now whether you are going to participate.

Second Clarification: PQRS is not something you do annually, or only with each exam.  This is a reporting system that is required to be done during each patient visit.

Third Clarification: PQRS is a coding system that must be documented in your electronic health records, but also must be documented through your billing. This is done by choosing specific G-codes that will bill out with each date of service along with your standard CMT and other chiropractic billing codes.

Fourth Clarification: PQRS is only on Medicare patients.

We also would like to offer these valuable resources to further support you in understanding and implementing PQRS in your office…

We highly recommend that you revisit our previous article, “Important Deadline for PQRS” for more specific information on what PQRS is and why you should participate It’s available on this website here.

As always, we turn to Dr. Ron Short as our recommended Medicare advisor.  Dr. Short has recently released an on-demand webinar that details more on exactly what you need to do to be PQRS compliant.  We highly recommend you take the time to watch/listen. You can find it here.

The American Chiropractic Association has also compiled their 2013 PQRS Toolkit.

We’ve also created a handy “cheat sheet” based on Dr. Shorts webinar information that will help simplify the process for you. Download it here with our complements.

And, Money Tree Billing, LLC clients, you should have already received an email from us requesting a time to schedule your personal PQRS Consultation. If you have not yet done so, please call or email us to schedule your time.

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